2019 Resolution - have you given a thought about it?

Hi everyone. We haven’t been updating our blog for a long time and we are so sorry about it as we have been focusing a lot on product R&D and events for 2018.

We would like to thank all our customers, followers and subscribers for being so supportive and patient with us. Now that our subscriber list are increasing, we are more determined to keep this blog alive to share with you guys more cool facts about natural products.

First blog of the year – definitely gonna be about your resolution. Have you started writing a list of them?Why don’t add a few more lifestyle resolution?

Just simple 2 resolution for you to work on for the year of 2019!

  1. Be Environmental Friendly by reducing the usage of PLASTIC

Don’t be too ambitious in changing your lifestyle drastically, you can first start small but yet also impactful. Here’s 2 simple ways to do it –

  • Get yourself a reusable metal straws. We have seen more people bringing their own metal straws (some even with their bubble tea straws) to store when ordering drinks. Simple way of reducing plastic. In fact, do you know KFC is not giving out straws anymore? Totally love their Go Green campaign with this simple little quote

Every little bit that counts

  • Secondly of course something Soaprise is fervent about – using handmade natural ingredient soap through the cold process method. We cannot further emphasized the goodness of handmade soaps that they are natural and they don’t strip off your natural oils. Also at the same time, you can reduce plastic without using the typical commercial body wash that are made of plastic.

2. Know how to relieve stress and stay happy

We cannot deny that 2018 has been stressful for us as we are in the midst of establishing our brand from being “passive” in the beginning to really running an actual brand. And during our busy days, we have neglected our well being and forgotten the enjoyment behind the brand.

One of an effective and simple way of staying sane, relax and happy can be through aromatherapy. There are many lazy ways of doing it just by

  • Burning a candle
  • Drip a few drops of essential oil into your diffuser/ burner
  • If you’re hardworking – try body massage oil with essential oil. (We will be launching our first series in a month time! Stay tuned)

You can purchase some of our lovely oils at $12.90. My favorite blend would definitely be Lavender + Grapefruit. Something floral and citrus will never go wrong!

We are sure that these 2 simple resolution is going to be attainable with a determined heart!

Feel free to drop us a comment to share with us your resolution!

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