Blend your Essential Oil -

Blend your Essential Oil

essential oil workshop

Interested to blend your own oils but do not know where to start from and what to do? Fret not, in this workshop, you get to learn how to recognize essential oils characteristics by categories, benefits and emotions.

essential oil workshop

We share with you how to blend the possible oil combination by classifying the scent notes, aligning with 30-50-20 rule and dilution ratio based on user profile.

D.I.Y with your nose or checking list on our recipes book – whichever works for you!

If you’re looking for some “alone” time or get-together with your loved ones – good news that we do not have min pax for a class and we can take in up to 28 pax. We are located at UE Square #03-11 !

You will be taught to blend and bring home the following –

2 x 10ml Essential Oil Rollers

1 x 10ml Essential Oil Blend

1 x 100ml Room Spray Mist

Check out our events schedule here.

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