Our Workstation

We do not have a huge work space that host 30 people in the house but we promised to provide a cosy homely area for you to spend some therapeutic time alone or with loved ones.

soaprise workstation

Our concept of D.I.Y are limitless. As long as they are within our knowledge and expertise, we are always open up to feedback on the types of D.I.Y you’re looking at. Feel free to drop us an email on soaprise.enquiry@gmail.com to share you ideas.

Currently we are offering D.I.Y services like Melt & Pour Soap Making and Essential Oils Blending. It can just be a learning session for yourself or bonding time with your loved ones – we do not have a min pax to open up our workstation.

We believed in sharing the goodness of natural wellness products and that is why we are providing gifting options like photo printing, box services and customised labeling. This is perfect way of doing something lovely and sharing at the same time!

Bring home 400 gram natural soap for Soap Making Session at SGD 55 / Essential oil session at SGD 60 and bring home 2x 10ml essential oil roller, 1x 10ml essential oil blend, 1x 50ml body massage and 1x 100ml room spray mist.

D.I.Y natural products should be affordable and sustainable – we want to ensure this is an enjoyable session for you without charging a high price!

Check out our schedule and book your session here. If there’s none matches your schedule, feel free to email us soaprise.enquiry@gmail.com to book a private session with us!