Family Day Workshop -

Family Day Workshop


Are you looking for a Family activity to bond? Here’s a perfect place for the adults to relax thru soap making session and children to have a fun time making slime aquarium theme and clay.

Soap Making for 10 Adults

  • Make a range of melt and pour soaps using pre-made soap bases with preferred colours and essential oils
  • Use a variety of techniques to create visual effects in the soap
  • Use natural and food grade colours to get the look you want
  • Add natural ingredients based on your skin type and to gives exfoliating effect
  • Choose from a variety of soap moulds

Bring home 200 grams of soap and a free soap net each person

Decorative Slime Jar and Clay Embellishment making for 5 Children

Our workshop focus on providing multi-sensory experience to children to build their thinking skills!

Start the creative day where your child learns how to craft a decorative clay art to embellish their jar cap, it can be as fancy as their mind wants!

The highlight of the workshop where all kids are waiting for! Make slime from scratch!
Besides stretching, pulling, and kneading slimes, they will fill up their slime jar and DIY into a unique decorative piece!

Let their imagination soar! Everything it may be: a message bottle, sea aquarium or royal princess jar. These jars are so dreamy to look at and will sure be a great feature in the room!

Through the process of making, children develop problem-solving skills when they think about what they want to create and how they are going to build it.

Duration: 2 hours

Venue: 41 Temple Street #02-01 S058586 (3mins walk from Chinatown MRT Exit A)

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