Ginseng Floral Water


Ginseng Floral Water, is obtained by an intricate process of steaming the roots of ginseng. The steam is captured along with those beneficial ingredients including small amounts of Ginseng essential oil.


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Suitable for the following use:

Hydration: Misting with Ginseng Floral Water to moisturize and hydrate the skin for 24 hours.

Reduce Puffiness: Spritzing onto a compress and applying to those puffy areas under the eye, will reduce the swelling and leave you looking fresh and rested again.

Refresh: Take your spray of Ginseng floral water with you to refresh and hydrate during the day. Those air conditioned offices, or being outside in the hot sun will have your skin loving you for a refreshing mist from time to time.

Set Make Up: Spritzing your face is the final touch for your make up routine. You’ll find your make up will look fresher longer.

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