#supportlocalsg Collaboration -

#supportlocalsg Collaboration

#SupportLocalSG is a campaign founded by Soaprise that partners small local brands to grow together in the community by supporting one another’s brand vision.

In this collaboration, we are growing, helping and strengthening the aspirations of the entrepreneurs we partnered with – as we know the process of building up a brand isn’t easy and smooth.

In supporting of this #supportlocalsg campaign, we are also improving our supporters/ customers or loved ones a better shopping experience. Where you get to support more than a local brand with higher discounts – definitely more meaningful to get them in a bundle!

If you’re supportive of local brands and would like to help more entrepreneurs to keep their vision alive – you can support us by browsing through our collaboration here.

Or if you’re a fellow local entrepreneur and would like to collab with us, please contact us here.

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